2002 Maine XC Festival of Champions

October 4, 2014 · Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, ME

Co-Hosted by Belfast Area High School and Brewer High School


We are pleased to invite you and your team to the thirteenth running of the largest high school cross country meet in the State of Maine. For Maine teams, this meet will give you the opportunity to run on the same course as the 2014 Eastern Maine Regional and State Championship Meets. Since Maine does not have an all-class meet, this meet provides a rare opportunity for teams from all classes to come together for spirited competition.  For teams outside of Maine, you will have the opportunity to run in a competitive meet while visiting the beautiful mid-coastal part of our state. For all, the challenging course and unique format of the meet should be an excellent primer for conference, regional, and state meets.

In previous editions of the meet, many of the teams from the Penobscot Valley Conference, Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference, Downeast Athletic Conference, Aroostook Conference, Southern Maine Activities Association, Western Maine Conference, Mountain Valley Conference, and strong teams from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia have competed. In 2013, 75 schools and over 1400 runners participated.



The course is located at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. Course features include: starting line on the football field with a long straightaway for a fair and safe start, a long gradual uphill just after the first mile, wide grass paths through a rolling meadow, several short and steep hills in the wooded part of the course, and a slight downhill for a fast finish. This is one of the most fan friendly cross country courses you will ever see. Just by standing at the start/finish area you will see the runners at least 5 times. The race distance for both boys and girls is 5,000 meters. This is the same course that will be used for the 2014 Eastern Maine Regional and Maine State Championship Meets.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the meet is $3 per runner for the first 20 runners, then $1 for each additional runner.  There is a minimum charge of $30 per school.  For example, schools with 1-10 runners would pay a flat fee of $30.  A school with 25 runners would pay (20 x $3) + (5 x $1) = $65.  Hopefully this will make the meet more affordable for smaller schools. Make checks payable to Brewer High School and please put "Festival of Champions" in the memo field of the check.  Checks must be sent postmarked by September 26, 2014. Mail To: Glendon Rand, Brewer High School, 79 Parkway South, Brewer, ME 04412.  Please include a typed roster with your check.



We will have 3 boys races and 3 girls races. All freshmen will run in the freshman races unless permission from the meet director is obtained to run in the seeded race. In the other races, individual runners will be seeded into races based on their predicted 5K times, so that all runners will run in races with comparably skilled runners. Then, all of the races (including the freshman races) will be merged and scored (boys and girls separately) based on times, as if they were in one huge race, to arrive at team scores. Top 5 runners count for the team score, and 6th and 7th runners count for displacement. After we receive the entries, we will break the runners up into seeded races of 150-400 runners.

Coaches must provide a predicted 5K time for each runner. The integrity of the seeding process depends on coaches providing accurate seed times. We will post the seeded sections on this website a few days before the meet.  If you need to move a runner from one section to another, please e-mail that information to Glendon Rand as soon as possible.  Runners should be able to run a 5K in under 40 minutes to compete in this meet - we will establish a 2 mile cut-off time that runners must meet or they will be asked to abandon the race.  We will be using Hy-Tek Meet Manager, FinishLynx timing, and Ipico shoe chips to administer the meet, and athletes will be identified by two hip numbers and a chest bib with their name.

Please note that there are not any races labeled "JV". If you have 20 girls or boys on your team, they are all considered varsity and have the potential of contributing to your team score. If runners run in the race for which they are seeded, then the runners from most teams will run in different races. For team scoring, the computer will identify all team members in the different races, and, based on time, score the fastest 7 runners from a school as a team.

We hope that this unique format will allow coaches to run athletes together that are competing for the last spots on their varsity roster as the championship meets approach, and that the freshman races will be a unique experience for them. The format should also give comparably skilled runners the opportunity to run against each other regardless of what position they are on their team, and give a wider range of runners a chance to win awards.

Order of Events

10:25 AM - Coach's and Captain's Meeting

10:50 AM - National Anthem

11:00 AM - Unseeded Section (slow heat) Boys

11:45 PM - Unseeded Section (slow heat) Girls

12:30 PM - Freshmen Boys

1:15 PM - Freshmen Girls

2:00 PM - Seeded Section (fast heat) Boys

2:40 PM - Seeded Section (fast heat) Girls

3:20 PM - Awards Ceremony in Gym

Note: Teams should report to the start area 20 minutes before the above times for check in and team introductions.

Course Walks

You may walk the course at any time on the day of the event. If you are walking on the course after the races have started, please be sure to be attentive to the needs of the competitors and give way as the race comes by you. Course maps will be in your team packet.


Team awards will be presented to the champion (plaque and carry sacks),  runner-up (plaque and carry sacks), and 3rd place (plaque and carry sacks) teams for both boys and girls. Individual medallions will be presented to the top 10 in the Unseeded Section, top 10 in the Freshman Race, and top 20 in the Seeded Section for both boys and girls. 

Meet T-Shirts

Meet t-shirts will be available.  Cash and checks will be accepted. 

Entry Procedure


Other Meet Features

Features that will make this meet special include: fast and accurate computer results, introduction of teams before the seeded races, mile splits, concessions, quality awards, and an indoor awards ceremony in case of inclement weather.

Meet Contacts

If you have any questions about the meet, please contact:

Glendon Rand

Brewer High School Cross Country Coach

(h)207-825-3396, (w)207-989-4140, (cell)207-852-8891

e-mail: runsub5@roadrunner.com

JoAnn Nealey

Belfast Area High School Cross Country Coach


e-mail: nealeyd@yahoo.com